Trash The Dress with Brad + Stephanie

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Presenting our romantic day after Trash the Dress session with our Louisville, Kentucky bride and groom, Brad and Stephanie in Morrison Springs in Ponce De Leon, Florida. We had a great time romping through the cypress forest and swamp, but poor Stephanie did not appreciate the bugs! You would never know this from looking at the photographs that she was just a tad freaked about the bugs and them getting in her dress! We had planned for getting way down into the springs and mud but they forgot a change of clothes…or did they, that water was like 68-70 degrees. I think my favorite is the special fine art edit of them playing hide and seek in the forest…I may be entering that one into competition. I got some stunning photographs but I always feel my time with them is too short because they are such a joy to capture. I guess they will have to come back and visit for their anniversary next year!

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