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Micah is a husband, father, son, brother, gifted artist, photographer, cinematographer, producer, musician, and designer, and ultimate self professed nerd! Faith and family are the most important part of his life. Micah spent years as an award winning painter who had his miniature paintings shown at a very young age. He began photography at 16 and then worked his butt off to save and invest in his equipment. He said he would not begin a professional career unless he had the best professional equipment. Micah stated that the first time he looked through the lens of the camera he saw the image as if it were a painting that he was creating. He then immersed himself in his craft. He is completely self taught and has a raw and amazing God given talent. You won’t see titles and degrees that he spent years earning at college but what you will see is the true gift and natural ability he has been given, a cherished gift that one cannot learn. Micah began his photography career as a concert photojournalist. He did portrait, landscape, and commercial work as well. However, after photographing his first wedding, he discovered his new passion; the passion to capture the love between two people. Everything he had learned through photojournalism, portrait, landscape, and commercial photography all rolled up into one when he shot a wedding.

Micah blends the styles of wedding photojournalism with fine art photography. During the event he unobtrusively captures each intimate moment and even during the directed portrait session you come away with true and real emotion captured in his lens, not a fake, stiff, posed photo. For portrait work, Micah has a distinct style of blending pure emotion, romance, fun, and modern photography to create his unique cinematic portraits. His inspirations come from fashion and film. Micah has many trademark portraits that he has created but what makes his images so unique and breathtaking is the way he captures these portraits. Micah directs his subject(s) to set the scene, but then Micah waits and watches for those moments between the couple, the interaction, love, and emotion.

You will see Micah, whether it be during portraits or the journalism of the event, with both eyes open, one through the lens and one on the people. It’s amazing to watch him in action and you will always see a smile on his face. He is right there in the moment with his clients and enjoys it with such passion. He becomes your friend! He is committed to giving his discerning clients what they want and desire for their special day with his style and artistic vision. He is not a cookie cutter photographer. He is not there just to collect a fee for getting photos A thru Z, for you to walk away with a product that looks like every other wedding. He approaches each wedding as individual and unique as the couple he photographs. He is committed to capturing the natural moments to tell the story of your love but also to provide you with portraits that show you at your most beautiful! When you choose Micah as your exclusive photographer, not only do you receive his personal touch throughout your day but you also receive his artistic vision and attention to detail in the editing process and album design. If you want lightly edited photos, fine art specialties, magazine style airbrushing, or even photomanipulation; Micah can do it all flawlessly!

Micah produces very dramatic fine art pieces from vintage, to fairytale, to fantasy, to high fashion, to even the dark and gothic! His luxury wedding books are designed to be a lasting keepsake that will stand the test of time and he does not follow trendy fads that will cause his clients to look back at their wedding book with embarrassment. Micah is working towards his Master of Photographic Excellence with the WPPI and has begun the journey of achieving Accolade of Excellence Awards. He does continuing education with the best photographers in the world and is constantly growing to improve upon his already outstanding techniques and skill.